Graham Oakes Is Featured Speaker at CLOUD COMPUTING CONFERENCE at NAB 06 Feb, 2012

We’re very pleased to share with you, in advance of its public announcement, the agenda and speakers for the inaugural CLOUD COMPUTING CONFERENCE <>  being presented by the Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) <>  at the 2012 NAB Show <>  on April 16th.
This event will include Digital Watermarking Alliance (DWA) <>  Chairman Graham Oakes as a featured speaker.  The full-day conference will demonstrate how software developers are addressing two major concerns with respect to cloud-based solutions for video delivery – reliability and security.
Experts will provide a senior management overview of how cloud-based solutions positively impact each stage of the content distribution chain. From collaboration and post-production to storage, delivery, and analytics, decision makers responsible for accomplishing their content-related missions will find this a must-attend event.
The opening keynote will feature Bill Kallman, CEO, Scayl <> , who will introduce “The Latest Trends in Cloud Computing Solutions for the Audio/Video (A/V) Ecosystem.” How are innovative cloud-based technology developers impacting A/V content creation and distribution with a host of new strategies, products, and services?
The first panel will continue this top-line overview of “Advanced Capabilities, New Features, Cost Advantages of Cloud Computing Solutions.”  What are the very latest ways that cloud computing is being applied throughout the creation and distribution chain for television and radio programming, motion pictures, corporate A/V production, and user-generated content (UGC)?
Panelists will include Mike Alexenko, Senior Director of Market Development, Cloud & Mobility, G-Technology <> ; Scott Campbell, Principal, Media, Entertainment, and Telecoms, SAP <> ; David Frerichs, Strategic Consultant, Pioneer Corporation <> ; David Hassoun, Founder, RealEyes Media <> ; AJ McGowan, CTO, Unicorn Media <> ; Samir Mittal, CTO, Rimage <> ; Michelle Munson, CEO, President, and Co-founder, Aspera <> ; and Robert Stevenson, EVP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Gaikai <> .
Jim Burger, Member, Dow Lohnes <> , will step back from the exuberance of such trends in the next keynote to examine “The Key Pitfalls Associated with Cloud Computing in High-Value Content Implementations.” How are safety and predictability considerations as well as related liability factors affecting cloud adoption for A/V by content creators, rights-holders, and distributors?
The follow-on panel will further explore “Privacy Issues, Reliability Questions, Security Concerns in the Cloud Computing.” What are the different but inter-related hurdles to overcome for consumers, content companies, software providers, broadband network operators, and related cloud services vendors in migrating to the cloud, and what steps is the distributed computing industry taking to address these problems?
Panelists will include David Cook, SVP, RES Sales and Content Licensing, Rovi Corporation <> ; Dave Asprey, VP, Cloud Security, Trend Micro <> ; Tom Mulally, Consultant, Numagic Consulting <> ; Graham Oakes, Chairman, Digital Watermarking Alliance (DWA) <> ; Dan Schnapp, Partner & Chairman of New Media, Entertainment & Technology, Hughes, Hubbard & Reed <> ; Yangbin Wang, CEO, Vobile <> ; Marvin Wheeler, Chairman, Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) <> ; and Vic Winkler, Author, “Securing the Cloud.” <>
The next keynote by Jonathan King, SVP, Joyent <> , will outline “Various Ways that Cloud Computing Is Being Applied to the Content Creation Process – from Pre- to Post-Production.” How are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and even Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions strategically being brought to bear to improve key aspects of file-based workflow for A/V content?
The subsequent panel will delve further into “Audio/Video Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production Clouds.” What are leading examples and key case studies of ways that cloud-computing solutions are accelerating processes, improving quality, and/or reducing costs of such functions as collaboration, editing, animation, applying metadata, formatting, and transcoding?
Panelists will include Jim Cady, President & CEO, Slacker <> ; Tony Cahill, Chief Engineer, CET Universe <> ; Guillermo Chialvo, Gerente de Tecnología, Radio Mitre <> ; Kirk Punches, VP, Business Development, Sorenson Media <> ; Chris Kantrowit